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TEFLabs has been making ion indicators since 1992. Our mission is to continue to develop new and improved indicators (such as our new Asante family: Asante Calcium Red, Asante Calcium Green, Asante NaTRIUM Green-1Asante NaTRIUM Green-2, Asante Potassium Green-1, and Asante Potassium Green-2) for life science research and drug discovery.  We support that mission by offering the lowest cost commodity indicators including Fluo-2, Fluo-8, Fura-2, Indo-1, Rhod-2 and more.

Learn more about Asante NATRIUM Green in a recent NeuroImage article:

Lamy CM & Chatton JY. Optical probing of sodium dynamics in neurons and astrocytes. NeuroImage 2011 (in press)


TEFLabs offers the lowest FLUO-8 AM reagent prices available.

  • $50    1 mg 
  • $15    2 x 50 μg [2 plates] 
  • $30    10 x 50 μg [10 plates]
  • $60    20 x 50 μg [20 plates]
  • $225  5 x 1 mg [100 plates]

Look for our new TEFLabs Assay kits available in August.

Fluo-8 is the brightest and easiest loading Fluo indicator, and its long wavelength, high sensitivity, affinity, and fluorescence enhancement (>100x) make Fluo-8 an ideal indicator for the measurement of cellular calcium. Fluo-8 is appropriate for use on a wide range of instruments including: FLIPR, FDSS, NOVOStar, FlexStation, ViewLux, IN Cell Analyzer, ArrayScan, and others.

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Look for the latest Sodium Publication in NeuroImage:

Lamy CM & Chatton JY. Optical probing of sodium dynamics in neurons and astrocytes. NeuroImage 2011 (in press)

Sodium channels are of interest to drug discovery scientists in the pharmaceutical industry both as potential therapeutic targets and as potential liabilities.  Unlike calcium channels, that have had the benefit of effective Fluo dyes, previous attempts at creating a sodium channel HTS compatible assay technology have been disappointing- yielding dyes that have poor characteristics in metal ion affinity, selectivity, dye spectral properties, dye brightness, and dye loading.

The new generation of Sodium dyes developed by TEFLabs, Asante NaTRIUM Green-1 and Asante NaTRIUM Green-2, offer the promise of bringing the benefits of modern calcium indicators (good selectivity, affinity, spectral properties, brightness, and ease of loading) to sodium channel research.

Look for our new TEFLabs Assay kits available in August.

Learn More About Asante NaTRIUM Green-1 or Asante NaTRIUM Green-2

Potassium channels have also suffered from lack of true HTS compatible screening tools. Asante Potassium Green-1, Asante Potassium Green-2, offer a new approach to potassium channel screening with the enhanced spectral properties, brightness, and easy loading characteristics compared to other potassium sensitive dyes.

Learn more about Asante Potassium Green-1 or Asante Potassium Green-2


Bulk Pricing based on anticipated annual consumption.

TEFLabs Inventory Reserve program allows customers to get the most favorable bulk pricing based on their anticipated annual consumption.  TEFLabs will reserve a specified amount of inventory for customers who can then order throughout the year from the reserved inventory.  Customers get the price benefit of a large one time bulk order but only pay for products as they are used throughout the year.

The Inventory Reserve program allows researchers to receive their reserved inventory from a single lot, guarantees the immediate availability of inventory, and allows organizations to pay for products as they are needed without having to pay for bulk orders in a single large purchase and store large amounts of reagents in house.

TEFLabs Inventory Reserve program can be used for annual orders of 10 units up to multi gram scale. Inventory Reserve orders typically receive higher bulk rate discounts than TEFLabs advertised quantity discounts.

Get an Inventory Reserve Quote today!

Get an Inventory Reserve Quote today!