TEFLabs DYEgest- Summer 2011

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  • Summer Promotion:  Fluo-8 (expires 10-1-2011)
  • Recent Publications
  • TEFLabs Inventory Reserve Program
  • TEFLabs Collaborator Network


Summer Promotion:  Fluo-8 (expires 10-1-2011)

TEFLabs Beat the Heat Summer Promotion drops Fluo prices to levels typically reserved for bulk orders.  Fluo-8 and Fluo-2 have been reduced to $50/mg for AM and K+salt versions.   Thats over 50% off TEFLabs standard List price of $110, and 80% savings compared to other Fluo-8 vendors. High-Throuput per plate pricing is also available with 2,10,20, and 100 plate HTS packages available.  With list prices starting at $3 per plate and volume and bulk discounts available TEFLabs Fluo-8 pricing is a cost saving opportunity not to be missed. Fluo-8 is the brightest and easiest loading Fluo indicator, and its long wavelength, high sensitivity, affinity, and fluorescence enhancement (>100x) make Fluo-8 an ideal indicator for the measurement of cellular calcium.

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Recent Publications:

Asante NaTRIUM Green:
Lamy CM & Chatton JY. Optical probing of sodium dynamics in neurons and astrocytes. NeuroImage 2011 (in press)

Asante Calcium Red:
Biophys J. 2011 May 18;100(10):2356-66.
In situ calibration of nucleoplasmic versus cytoplasmic Ca²⁺ concentration in adult cardiomyocytes.
Ljubojević S, Walther S, Asgarzoei M, Sedej S, Pieske B, Kockskämper J.


TEFLabs Inventory Reserve Program:

TEFLabs new Inventory Reserve program allows customers to get favorable per unit pricing based on their anticipated annual usage.  TEFLabs will hold a specified amount of inventory for customers who can then order throughout the year from their reserved inventory.  Customers get the price benefit of a one time bulk order but only pay for products as they are used. Learn more about TEFLabs Inventory Reserve Program.


TEFLabs Collaborator Network:

TEFLabs new Collaborator Network is a program designed to offer our customers special discounts and opportunities in exchange for contributing both formal and informal content related to the use of our products. TEFLabs is interested in information such as specific protocols, images, and reviews on specific applications. Learn more about TEFLabs Collaborator Network.