Asante Potassium Green-2

Asante Potassium Green 2(APG-2) is a higher affinity analog of APG-1, as demonstrated by comparing the fluorimetricemission potassium chloride titrations of APG-1 (Figure 3.2) and APG-2 (Figure 3.3), with identical excitation and emission wavelengths.  It retains the desirable properties of easy loading, slow leakage, and good photostability.


Excitation: 488 nm (excitation maxima at 517 nm)
Emission: 540 nm
kd: 18 mM
Selectivity: 1.2 to 1, K+/ Na+
Solubility: H2O (salt form),  DMSO (AM form)
Molecular Weight: 1100 g/mol


Asante Potassium green 2 emission spectra

Fig 3.1 Asante Potassium Green 2 emission titration


APG-1 emission spectra

Fig 3.2 Asante Potassium Green 1 emission titration