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Pluronic F-127 is used to help the acetoxymethyl (AM) esters of fluorescent ion indicators disperse.  Pluronic facilitates the solubilization of water-insoluble indicators.  For many indicators provided by TEFLabs, pluronic may be required for optimal loading condiions.

Pluronic should only be added to working solutions.  A 1-5 mM AM ester solution dissolved in DMSO may be mixed with 20% (wt/v) Pluronic F-127 stock solution in DMSO in a 1:1 ratio immediately prior to use. The AM ester and pluronic solution is then diluted into a cell-loading buffer solution to achieve the final loading concentration between 1μM and 1o μM.  Cells are then incubated between 30-60 minutes. Pluronic concentrations are typicall kept at .1%.

Difficult to load dyes such as Asante Calcium Red, SBFI, PBFI will require more concentrated loading solutions and correspondingly, greater pluronic concentrations.

TEFLabs offers Pluronic F127 20% (wt/v) in DMSO in 1 ml solutions.