Indo-1 Mg (MAG-Indo)

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Magnesium ions are essential in mediating processes such as enzymatic reaction, muscular contraction, hormonal secretion, and DNA synthesis. The divalent magnesium cation, although in the same group as calcium, is a smaller atom.  It is therefore not surprising that truncated versions of calcium indicators work well for magnesium.

TEFLabs offers the UV-excitable Mg2+ indicator, Indo-1 Mg, that corresponds to Indo-1.    



Excitation: 343 nm

Emission: 417/480 nm (high/low Mg2+)

kd: 2.7 mM

Solubility: DMSO (AM form), H20 (salt form)

Molecular Weight:  731 g/mol (AM form), 595 g/mol (salt form)  


Indo-1 Mg, MAGIndo

Figure 7.4 Indo-1 Mg



Asante Magnesium Red

Asante Magnesium Green

Fluo-2 Mg

Fura-2 Mg