Indo-1 Leakage Resistant (LeakRes)

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Leakage resistance (LeakRes, formerly PE3) versions have a special appendage that increases the intracellular retention – well in excess of an hour.

Compared to the corresponding non-LeakRes versions, the LeakRes indicators are identical in fluorescence properties but are retained in the cell for hours.  In addition to Fura and Indo, TEFLabs has applied this unique technology to our new indicators Asante Calcium Red, Fluo-2, and Asante Calcium Green.

Indo-1 is also available in High Affinity (Indo-1), Low Affinity (Indo-1 FF), and Near Membrane (FIP-18) versions.


Excitation: 346 nm

Emission:  ratiometric,  475 nm and 405 nm

kd: 260 nM

Solubility: H20 (salt form)  DMSO (AM form)

Molecular Weight:  1062 g/mol


Leakage Resistant IndicatorsLeakage Resistant Calcium Indicators

Indo-PE3 structure Indo-1 Leakage Resistant (Indo-PE-3) Structure


FIP-18 (Indo-1 Near Membrane)
Indo-1 FF (Low Affinity)
Asante Calcium Red (ACR) Leak Res
Asante Calcium Green (ACG)
Fluo-2 Leak Res
Fura-2 Leak Res (Fura-PE3)