Asante Calcium Red Low Affinity (LowAff)

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Asante Calcium Red emits fluorescence at long wavelengths, where there is virtually no interference from cellular autofluorescenceExciting at 488 nm produces dual fluorescence emission at 650 and 525 nm, enabling emission ratiometry. ACR can also be excited at 540 nm to generate fluorescence emission at 650 nm, which can be used for non-ratiometric measurement.

Low affinity (lowAff, formerly designated as “FF”) versions enable studies where a large concentration of calcium is expected. They have two major advantages over their high affinity counterparts. They cause reduced buffering of intracellular calcium and reduced perturbation of calcium transients, and they allow for measurements of shorter-lived transients



Excitation:  488 nm or 540 nm

Emission: 525/650 nm or 650 nm

kd:  6.65 µM

Solubility: H20 (salt form)  DMSO (AM form)

Molecular Weight:  1000g/mol (salt)  1200 g/mol (AM)




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