ACR Low Affinity Data

  • Excitation: 488 nm
  • Emission: 525/650 nm
  • kd: 6.65 µM
  • Solubility: H20 (salt form) DMSO (AM form)
  • Molecular Weight: 1000g/mol (salt) 1200 g/mol (AM)


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ACR LowAff Overview

Unlike other hydrophobic dyes, TEFLabs near membrane dyes have a piperazine collar to latch the dye into the membrane, leaving the chelating portion to measure calcium in the gates. Our near-membrane UV-excitable indicators Fura-2 NearMem (formerly FFP-18), and Indo-1 NearMem (formerly FIP-18), have enjoyed considerable success for their applications, because unlike other hydrophobic indicators, they do not get lost in the membrane.

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ACR Low Affinity Catalog Numbers

  • #3050 ACR Low Affinity(AM) 500ug... $200 Add to Cart
  • #3060 ACR Low Affinity (AM) 10 x 50 ug... $220 Add to Cart
  • #3070 Asante Calcium Red Low Affinity (K+salt) 250 ug... $120 Add to Cart