TEFLabs Inventory Reserve Program

TEFLabs Inventory Reserve program allows customers to get favorable per unit pricing based on their anticipated annual usage.  TEFLabs will hold a specified amount of inventory for customers who can then order throughout the year from their reserved inventory.  Customers get the price benefit of a one time bulk order but only pay for products as they are used.

In addition to the best possible volume discounts the Inventory Reserve program allows researchers to receive all their reserved inventory from a single lot, guarantees the immediate availability of inventory, and allows researchers to pay for products as they are ordered without having to purchase up front and store in-house.

TEFLabs Inventory Reserve program can be used for annual orders of 10 units up to multi-gram scale. Inventory Reserve orders typically receive higher bulk rate discounts than TEFlabs advertised quantity discounts of applied at the time of purchase. TEFLabs standard quantity discounts are applied to multiple unit orders of the same catalog # as follows:

1-4: List Price

5-14: 10%

15-24: 15%

24-50: 20%

50+: Contact Us

To request an Inventory Reserve quote simply complete and return the form below: