TEFLabs Collaborator Network


For over 20 years TEFLabs has operated as a niche chemistry company speacializing in the research and development of fluorescent ion indicator technology. Since 1992, TEFlabs mission has been to continue to develop new and improved indicators for Life Science research and Drug Discovery.  We support our mission of continued research and development by offering a wide range of low cost commodity indicators for calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, pH, and chloride.

In addition to commodity indicators like Fura-2, Indo-1, Fluo, Rhod-2, BAPTA, SBFI, PBFI, TSQ, MQAE and SPQ, TEFLabs has commercialized speacialty versions (Near Membrane, Low Affinity, and Leakage Resistant) of calcium indicators and recently introduced the new Asante family of indicators: Asante Calcium Red, Asante Calcium Green, Asante NaTRIUM Green-1Asante NaTRIUM Green-2, Asante Potassium Green-1, and Asante Potassium Green-2.

The commodity indicators offered by TEFLabs and others have had the benefit of up to 20 years of testing and optimization, and their uses can be found throughout literature.  In order to provide a better end-user experience TEFlabs would like to engage all of our customers in understanding your applications, limitations, needs, and advances with our new Asante line of indicators as well as our established commodity products. 

TEFLabs new Collaborator Network is a program designed to offer our customers special discounts and opportunities in exchange for contributing both formal and informal content related to the use of our products. TEFLabs is interested in information such as opimized protocols, images, and reviews on specific applicatons. 

Collaborator Network: FAQs

Why should I sign up?

Help us advance indicator science, earn discounts, get early adopter access to products.

How would I be advancing science?

By providing peer reviews, protocols, images, and other content you are helping advance science... We know it sounds a little cheesy, but by sharing your experiences you are helping your peers choose the correct product, perform a difficult or unique application, or effectively load a particular ndicator in a difficult cell line.

What are the discounts, How are they applied?

Collaborators will receive a 20% discount on orders as long as their collaborator status is active. Discounts will be applied at the time of order, be sure to include your collaborator ID and email address with all orders.

What type of content are you looking for?

TEFlabs is interested in basic application data and user experiences.  We have created a standard Collaborator Product Review (CPR) Form which can be downloaded and returned via email, or completed online.  In addition to the CPR, TEFlabs is interested in producing a variety of content such as posters and specific experiments on a compensation basis.

Do you have a list of content items you are currently looking for?

We will include a list of experimental topics, applications, or posters we are interested in partnering with collaborators to create.  The current topics of interest will be included in emails you receive with your CPR form, and with your initial collaborator registration email.

How do you determine compensatation for specific content?

TEFLabs will review specific content for compensation on a case by case basis. 

What if I have an idea for a poster or publication?

TEFlabs welcomes any collaborator feedback, if you have ideas for experiments, posters, or publications we would love to hear them

Will I be formally cited for any content I provide?

TEFLabs will properly cite all contributed materials, all CPR forms allow a collaborator to choose to be cited and provide the correct citing information.

How is the contact collected?

Collaborators can complete the Collaborator Product review online(url), the form can also be downloaded, completed and returned via email (probes@teflabs.com). Images can be emailed to probes@teflabs.com or for large file other arrangements can be made.

How do I register to a collaborator?

To register, complete the form below or send us an email indicating you would like to be a collaborator, we will assign you a unique collaborator ID to reference at the time of order to recieve your discount, after you have recieved your order TEFlabs will send you an email that contains the collaborator product review form as a word doc as well as a link to the online form, collabortors can either complete the form and return via email or complete the form online and submit.

How will I be contacted?

TEFLabs Collaborator program is designed to be a non-invasive program we will provide collaborators with the collaborator product review form as well as opportunities to produce specific content on a compensation basis after each order. (If the product review form is not returned a reminder email will be sent 3 weeks after the order date)  We also encourage collaborators to engage TEFLabs on Facebook and Twitter.

What are the terms and conditions of the TEFlabs Collaborator Network?

Collaborator discounts will be applied to all TEFlabs orders except when orders are receiving a Inventory Reserve or Bulk Quote.  Collaborators will be considered as "active" and will recieve the 20% discount as long as the TEFLabs CPR form has been completed prior to re-ordering.  Collaborator discounts are only applied at the time of purchase so be sure to complete your CPR prior to re-ordering.